The Transformation

Jim picked up the phone.


"Hello, is Mr. Jim Corelli there?"

"Yes, this is him. May I ask who’s calling?"

"Yes. This is the Capernum Institute of Wellness. I’m sorry to be calling so late but the matter is rather urgent."

"Oh," said Jim.

Before we discuss it though I’ll need to confirm some personal information."

He gave her his date of birth and social security number to confirm his identity.

"Well Jim, We have your scans back."

Oh yeah? Did you figure out what the issue is?"

"I’m afraid we have some troubling news. Are you sitting down?"

"Uhm, yes I am. What’s the news?"

"The scans are showing an abnormality."

"An abnormality?" he repeated.

"Yes, I’m afraid you have an acute case of lycanthropy. One of the severest cases I’ve ever seen in fact. You’ll need to come in tomorrow morning first thing so we can begin administering the treatment." Hello? Mr. Corelli? Jim, can you hear me?"

Jim wasn’t listening. He had dropped the phone to the floor. A beam of moonlight had come in through the window and struck him full in the face. He shrieked. He had begun to transform.