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Ἕρσηφορία - The gathering of dew

Or the summoning of Herse (Goddess of Dew)

Please don’t read the below nonsense.

About this website*

I started what would become this website well over a year ago and have nearly since it’s conception been suspicious of its merits, wondering if there were not something pathological to it, a desparate grasping at the ineffable, namely my and others’ experiences via the shell of their media (books, films, albums), clinically catalogued, pinned in rows like rare butterflies or beetles from which the spirit long since hath departed.

However I have just this evening began to really conceive of this site as the very type of an antiblog or perhaps a post-blog, the most extreme reducto ad absurdum of a blog, crystallizing the aesthetic of what it’s still unfortunately fashionable to refer to as late-stage capitalist society, namely sheer form with little content, and all the content only signifiers of signifiers: a mere list of lists nested within lists; lists of commodities/memories to aquire/consume and of commodities already acquired/consumed and which I long to keep preserved in digital amber beyond the lame compass of human-memory, an eat-my-cake-but-have-it-still atemporal digital hoarding, as if carefully notating all the albums I listened to could let me at a glance recapture the feeling of experiencing each, ditto with books, films, even words. All in all a surficial catalogue of experience eerily reminiscent of the endless list of products that populate large tracts of Ellis’s American Psycho and which it’s clear were meant to reveal the spiritual degredation inherent in the pan-commodification of every aspect of life during the heydey of neoliberalism and the related economic boom during the late 80s.

Technologies used

The cheif foundations of all states, whether new, old, or mixed, are good laws and good arms. And as there cannot be good laws where there are not good arms, and where there are good arms there must be good laws, I will not now discuss the laws, but will speak of the arms.

–Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

ditto content and the media technology that creates it, according to the gods-be-damned post-structuralists!

It started innocently enough: I began to keep on my (oh, how aptly named) smartphone a list of words I liked, wished to remember, or for which I couldn’t furnish a proper definition without recourse to a dictionary. At the same time I had been searching for a simple means, using existing technologies, of keeping my notes distributed/replicated between my phone and multiple computers, so that I could refer to or edit them from anywhere. What I ended up piecing together was the following: (oh my, another list)

The above method soon absorbed my scattered lists of movies, music, books, vim notes, git commands and tmux bindings, not to mention much of my time. Here you have the result.


* This feigned excision is supposed to reflect the #hauntological** idea of a website as a no-place-as-place, a non-real entity that exerts influence upon the real, never decaying, a space cut off from time and place, comprising frozen ideas and increasingly since the advent of social-media frozen memories, pasts that are dead but exert their infuence on what is fleetingly alive and present. Anyways, as the saying goes, friends don’t let friends read Fisher! ***

** This hashtag is supposed to reflect the merely meme-level understanding of hauntology I’ve acquired, possessing as I do inclination, trust of translation, cognitive abilty and a philosophical background all insufficient to read Derrida but barely sufficinent to stumble through and subsequently ape 1 (one) Fisher*** essay.

*** RIP In Peace, speaking of speaking of haunting influence, of the past using us to repeat itself itself…