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Film called “Lull”, all audio in film is just the song “Lull” off of Jessica Pavone’s album, “Lull”. 11:51 long. Have it be pretty concrete with a whole story, with emotional ups and downs to match the song.

Lonely-looking man walking around, anxiously looks at text messages from family or therapist or girlfriend who broke up with him. Then sees a lost dog poster, then sees the dog. Chases it all around, events happen, dog almost gets hit by car, say, or man and dog get chased through field by farmer with shotgun, etc. He chases dog for an entire day or afternoon, sun is setting, finally catches up to it at its owners house. She’s there, they meet and smile, Fin.

Man is drinking at home, runs out of beers. Goes to drive. Drives to Liquer store. It’s closed. Drives to Alsups. Gets more beer. Cracks one in the car. Driving around more. Almost hits a cat or something. Crashes car into a ditch. Starts walking. Etc.

Teen walking in forest starts pretending they have powers, gestures towards a tree or a rock, and it actually works. Tree limb shoots off, or rock flies forward. Film goes from there as teen expirements, and as night slowly falls in the woods.

Man goofing around on the internet finds link to mysterious old irc channel. Starts with him setting ‘Lull’ playing via mpv on riced-out system. In IRC he asks if anyone is there. Then mysterious user responds and they start conversing. User, D3Lph1 or the like, starts telling man all about his own life, asking personal questions, even stuff he’s never told anyone. He reacts accordingly, with wtf, etc. Then D3lph1 starts giving him instructions that seem completely illogical, like go to gas station and buy these random things, etc. He follows the steps, comes back, receives more instructions, repeat. Then it acts as some sort of cheat-code or spell. He checks his bank account at the end and has $999999.99 or something. Or he suddenly realizes he can speak and write fluent japanese, or read peoples’ minds, or easily do tons of push-ups or jump really high or punch through things, or something like that, or he goes outside and there’s a nice-ass car in the driveway.

Naked man removes monk’s or priest’s raiments, leaves on gold cross (i.e. he’s from hundreds of years past), perhaps european explorer lost in the U.S., conducts ritual in lake, swims down down down, camera angle flips upside down, and he is now swimming down to the surface, swims out and resurfaces, and he’s suddenly in the future (i.e. now). Walks around city, lost and bewildered by everything, the cars, the signs, the sounds, the clothes, the people, bikes, the buildings, etc. (This one could be called Ingot and have The slightly more brash ‘Ingot’ as the soundtrack, 8:09 length, or Midmost at 12:38.) Perhaps instead he comes out somewhere like William’s Lake. Some tourists give him a blanket or jacket to wear. Then they take him down with them, drive down out of the ski valley, down into town, and he is bewildered by the car, the houses, etc.. They try to speak to him but he only speaks (old old) Spanish.


Two Mages alternately watch each other through enchanted fountains/bird-baths or the like, and when it’s showing what each sees, it’s very hazy, pinhole-camera like. Eventually, we realize that our view as the audience is the view of a third, more powerful mage, perhaps a sorceress the two where fighting over, and she’s set them against each other. But each mage learns to reach through the view and do damage to the other, so at the end the one triumphant one suddenly reaches into our view to attack the sorceress and that’s where it ends. Also: Image of hand reaching up out of the fountain/bird-bath the other is bent over peering into, attempting to strangle him or suchlike.


Dude goes to backpack for a night somewhere on the continental divide trail, up in the mountains, camps in a clearing. Still day out but very cold so he gathers a bit of wood and lights a fire. Goes to gather more wood. Comes back and there is another person at the fire. Suggested they were perhaps hiking the CDT so he asks which way they’re heading, etc. Other person doesn’t have any gear with them perhaps. Eventually he goes to get more firewood, perhaps on the other person’s prompting. Comes back and there are more people. This sort of process continues and the people grow more outlandish. Eventually there are musicians, and people dancing and whirling about, and dogs.

Soundtrack: Mostly northern/eastern-european melodic and rhythmic folk style chanting and drums, in weird tempos and polyrythms, layered, some light guitar or harp accompaniment. Towards the end of the film some john-carpenter style thicc square-wave synths break in with arpeggiation, and the drumming and chanting match with them soaring up into dreadful heights.

Anker projector $300 for movies